Tom Hanks is officially everyone's favorite movie star

Americans Love Tom Hanks As Much As Ever
Americans Love Tom Hanks As Much As Ever

It's no surprise that Tom Hanks is America's favorite movie star.

From helping us understand life' hardships better by comparing them to chocolate to being the only person who could ever make us cry over a volleyball, he's played lovable on-screen characters that we just can't seem to get enough of.

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Harris Poll recently released a list of the most beloved Hollywood celebrities, and they placed the Bridge of Spies actor in the No. 1. spot. Hanks beat out top contenders like Johnny Depp, Sandra Bullock, Jennifer Lawrence and even last year's winner, Denzel Washington.

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With a career like Hanks', it comes as no surprise that this is the fifth time he's topped the list. Last year, he came in at No. 5, but he had previously won the title in 2002, 2004, 2005 and 2013.

Depp came in second, followed closely behind by Washington, John Wayne and Harrison Ford. Bullock, Lawrence, Clint Eastwood, Brad Pitt and Julia Roberts rounded out the top 10 spots.

Hanks has come quite far since we met him in the hit '80s sitcom, Bosom Buddies. The 59-year-old actor has starred in a number of critically acclaimed movies, including Big, Forrest Gump, Apollo 13, Saving Private Ryan, You've Got Mail, Cast Away and the Toy Story series. He has also received many award nominations throughout his career and has taken home several Academy Awards and a Golden Globe.

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As much as we love Hanks on the silver screen, it's his off-screen persona that makes us fall in love with him again and again.

While promoting his upcoming film, Bridge of Spies, last month, the father of four gave a shout out to his son, Colin Hanks, who was releasing the documentary All Things Must Pass: The Rise and Fall of Tower Record, at the same time. Hanks tweeted a photo of a movie theater marquee that listed both of the upcoming films.

And we can't forget the time he helped out a Girl Scout troopthat was selling cookies in Los Altos, California. He bought four boxes and donated an additional $20 to the little girls. Then, when a family passed by and asked to grab a snapshot with him, Hanks replied, "Only if you buy cookies from these young ladies."

How can you not love him?

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