Study finds some of the oddest pregnancy cravings out there

You Will Not Believe These Pregnancy Cravings; Some Are Weirder Than Pickles and Ice Cream

Spoiler alert! Doctors say being pregnant isn't an excuse to eat for two -- but it is an excuse to try out some really weird foods.

One study reveals what they are -- and some aren't even edible.

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Sure, chocolate is a list-topper when it comes to dining choices, whether you're pregnant or not -- but charcoal?

A survey of 2,000 women revealed they craved toothpaste, sponges and newspaper, along with toilet paper and soap when they were with child.

Research also showed that fifteen percent of the time, almost three quarters of the women gave in to those urges. Admittedly, these ladies ended up sending their partners to buy the items nearly half the time.

Some of the more common delicacies you might be more willing to partake in were curry, gherkins and ice.

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