5 ways to make peace with Mondays

By: Natalie Dressed

Poor Mondays get a bad rap. The weekend is over and everyone begrudgingly makes their way back to work and their daily routines. I have the luxury of not having to actually go into an office on Mondays, but the work continues even for those of us that work at home. Below are five things you can do to make your Mondays feel more like an exciting fresh start rather than an annoying kick in the pants.

1. Take some time on Sunday to prep for the week.
I know this might sound like the last thing you want to do since you want to prolong Sunday as long as possible, but taking a little time – even if it's just ten minutes – to sit down and mentally prepare for the week can make a huge difference. Do a quick overview of what your week will look like so you know what to expect and to remind yourself of anything you may have totally forgot about. I like to make a list of my top priority to-do items and schedule some of them into my calendar to give myself some guidance. Use this time to get into a positive mindset and set an intention for the week. How do you want to feel? What's the one thing you most want to accomplish? Think tip top priorities here – the one or two things that if nothing else gets done, you'll still feel good about the week. An added benefit of taking the time to do this is that you'll go to bed with a clearer mind and get a better night's rest before your week begins.

2. Dress your best.
Dress well and in what makes you feel like you're on top of the world. The way we dress not only affects how we feel, it also affects how other people treat us. When you you feel good about yourself, are being treated with respect and kindness, and even maybe receiving unexpected compliments, it's just a little extra boost to help you own Monday.

3. Meditate before leaving the house.
Even if it's just a for a couple of minutes, take some time to breathe deeply, envision the kind of week you want to have, and feel grateful that you've been given the gift of another week of life. Heading into your week with a clear mind and grateful attitude can transform your entire day. If you find yourself running out of the house, listen to a meditation or inspirational/spiritual book in the car during your drive (just don't close your eyes!)

4. Incorporate enjoyable things into your routine.
Grab a cup of coffee from a coffee shop on your way into work, eat your favorite breakfast, pack a lunch you're excited to eat, schedule a massage after work, treat yourself to a bubble bath every Monday night. Whatever it is that makes your day more enjoyable, find ways to incorporate it into your Monday. Little things that feel like treats will make you excited about Mondays instead of dreading them.

5. Change your mindset.
Instead of looking at Mondays as the bane of your existence, look at them as the day of the week with the most potential and possibility – as a fresh start to create whatever you want. Approach them with curiosity of what might happen and expect great things to come your way. What we believe to be true is almost always, indeed, true. What we're looking for, we find. That being said, if you expect Mondays to be terrible, they probably will be. Give them the opportunity to surprise you. Be open to whatever might unfold.

Wishing you a Monday that feels energizing, productive, and full of possibility!

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