Equinox had a bizarre response after furious customers complained about its latest ad

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Equinox's latest imagery on its Facebook page has hit a nerve with many customers.

The luxurious fitness chain is notorious for its controversial, sexy, and provocative ad campaigns.

But this photo in particular appears to infuriate consumers because it appears to be a play on one thing people don't like about Equinox: its exorbitant price.

"Commit to make it. Commit to losing it. #CommitToSomething," the Facebook post reads.

Commit to making it. Commit to losing it. #CommitToSomething

Posted by Equinox on Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Many people have posted angry responses to the gym chain.

"Commit to being rich and pretty and don't worry about the inside. #worstadever," one woman wrote.

"Equinox... Thanks for the hot dudes... But the image of Equinox should not be about money or whatever this silly campaign is trying to say. Be classy and stick to giving people images that are motivating and inspiring. I'm a member and don't want anything to do with this campaign," another woman wrote.

"committosomething by not committing. Committing to not commit is simply...not committing. Do you have 11 year olds running your marketing campaign? Dig deep. Commit to an honorable marketing plan that actually reaches beyond the shallow rewards of money, a 12-pack, and orgies," another woman wrote. (The orgy reference has to do with a recent ad that featured an image depicting group sex, instructing clients to "commit to not committing" -- so long as they "#CommitToSomething.")

"I love Equinox, but...this ad makes this guy looks like his has narcissistic personality disorder. Which is really not attractive. But my main question is how did he get his pants off over his shoes? Anyone can get abs and money. But that is talent," another wrote.

"It's Equinox corporate guy taking all our money & committing to taking more," another wrote.

Some of the comments are indeed positive and in awe of the model's abs. The rapidly expanding gym has an extremely loyal following who are unlikely to be swayed by its provocative imagery; in fact, that's part of the brand's overall tone.

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Equinox had a bizarre response after furious customers complained about its latest ad

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Equinox has recently responded to several comments, with its signature brand voice intact.

"The image here represents one reward of one kind of hard work. Your characterizations are wholly subjective. #CommitToSomething," the gym wrote.

And the company's response to the person who wrote the comment "commit to being rich and pretty and don't worry about the inside?"


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