Clinton reveals her favorite president ... and it's not Bill

Fast 50: Get to Know Hillary Clinton
Fast 50: Get to Know Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton is the only candidate racing for the White House who's married to a past president, but it turns out he's not her favorites.

Clinton told her favorite past president is actually Abraham Lincoln during her "Fast 50" interview -- a fast 50 seconds chock full of quick questions. She also named Honest Abe as her favorite historical figure.

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But the person she misses the most? Her granddaughter Charlotte, who's due to get a little sibling later this year. Fortunately she keeps in touch with Charlotte thanks to FaceTime and text messages.

Democratic candidate named one of her former colleagues from her time in the U.S. Senate, John McCain, when asked to name a person whom she admired from the other side of the political aisle.

See photos of Bill and Hillary Clinton through the years:

She also weighed in on some of the more contentious cultural debates in the rapid question and answer session.

She's a dog woman in the "dogs vs. cats" battle, and a bigger fan of Twitter than Instagram, but when asked to decide between coffee or tea she claimed both: "Coffee in the morning, tea in the afternoon."

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She also staked a claim as both an early riser and a night owl, responding, "Both, especially during a campaign."