Checked luggage is like a candy shop for airport workers

Checked Luggage Is Like a Candy Shop for Airport Workers
Planning a vacation can be expensive with hotel costs, place ticket expenses and even checked bags, so it's even worse when you find that you also lost money on items stolen out of your bag by airport employees! Unfortunately it's not uncommon. Workers often steal from passengers' luggage -- everything from iPads to jewelry. If this theft does happen to you, file a police report and a claim with TSA, but just to be safe, store your valuables in your carry-on or just leave them at home!

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Checked luggage is like a candy shop for airport workers

Var, Provence, France

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Sistine Chapel, Italy

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Acropolis, Greece

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Pamukkale, Turkey

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Matterhorn, Switzerland

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The Atlantic Road, Norway

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Northern Lights, Scandinavia or Iceland

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Sainte Chapelle, Paris

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Red Square, Moscow, Russia

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Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy

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