Undergrads reveal their fears of disappointing their parents

University often offers friendship, liberating experiences and unbeatable higher education opportunities, but that doesn't always make it a walk in the park. Academic pressure, overwhelming social situations and financial costliness are all aspects that make it tough to get through college unscathed. For many undergraduates, the driving force to overcome these obstacles is to impress and satisfy their parents.

Several college students took to Whisper, the popular app that provides an anonymous platform for people to share their most honest thoughts, to explain what it's really like to try not to disappoint their families.

The idea that everyone finds themselves in college is nowhere near true:

Being able to deal with college academically doesn't necessarily mean you like being there:
I hate college, I don

Sometimes big commitments like being on a team can take away from your true college experience:
My parents are making me play my sport in college so I don

Breaking to your parents that you've made a big decision for yourself can be terribly overwhelming:

Knowing how much is riding on your grades might provoke lots of anxiety:
Scared about losing my scholarship for school. I feel like my parents can

Undergraduate social scenes often offer the opportunity for behaviors mommy wouldn't necessarily approve of:
If my parents knew some of the stuff I

Struggling academically might make a student feel like he or she isn't smart:

Knowing your parents take pride in your achievements is one of the most rewarding feelings:

Several students might feel like their parents' emotional well-being is more important than their own:
I lie to my parents about having friends in college just so they won

Feeling like your parents are watching your every move in the place you're supposed to be discovering independence can be confusing:
I hate when my parents scold me for my grades. I

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