The CIA just declassified its real-life X-Files on UFOs

The Truth Is in Here: CIA Organizes UFO Files for 'The X-Files' Reboot
The Truth Is in Here: CIA Organizes UFO Files for 'The X-Files' Reboot

Let's face it. You either believe that aliens from other planets are piloting unidentified flying objects, UFOs, like the ones above that were spotted in England decades ago. Or, you think UFO believers are a bit crazy.

The Central Intelligence Agency, which unveiled reams of data in the 1970s disproving the aliens theory, isn't helping matters by being consistently unclear. It's now poking fun at its murky history.

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Timed to Fox's revived "The X-Files," in which UFOs and such play a recurring theme, the CIA has posted five documents that'll help support the believers and five documents that doubters can point to.

See depictions of UFOs and alien activity:

The CIA's documents, titled, "Take a Peek at Our 'X-Files," are posted on (look under News & Information). In "X-Files" fashion, the CIA says, "The truth is out there."

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As NBC News noted, the CIA seems to want to find UFOs. "It was interesting to note that none of the members of [a UFO advisory] panel were loath to accept that this Earth might be visited by any extraterrestrial intelligent beings of some sort, some day," according to the panel's summary. "What they did not find was any evidence that related the objects sighted to space travelers."

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