Pig who was found in the snow moves to sanctuary, acts just like a dog

Pig Rescued from Road During Snowstorm Now Acts Just Like A Puppy
Pig Rescued from Road During Snowstorm Now Acts Just Like A Puppy

A baby pig was given a second chance at life thanks to a family that came across him freezing in the snow during Winter Storm Jonas.

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The Smith family of Maryland saved the piglet they named Wee Wee and now the tiny creature will be brought to the Popular Spring Animal Sanctuary.

Terry Cummings, director of the sanctuary tells INSIDE EDITION that she's never seen a pig like this. He acts like a dog, likes being held and comforted and they have a volunteer dedicated to stay with him all the time.

She also believes that Wee Wee must have fallen off the back of a truck that was headed to a slaughterhouse due to the bruises on his body.

See photos of the adorable piglet:

"He was very lucky to have fallen into a snow bank and for the Smith family to have cared for him," Cummings added.

The Smith's were on a ski trip and brought him back to their hotel to warm up and get fed. The family patriarch, Perry, tells IE that even though they were emotionally attached to the little pig, they knew he needed a better suited home, as he would grow to be 1,000 pounds.

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The family lives just 40 miles from the sanctuary and they have plans to return and visit their new best friend soon.

Wee Wee will live at Popular Spring for the rest of his life and has 50 new pig friends.