Matt Harvey gets personal on 'Watch What Happens Live'

Andy's Personal Questions for Matt
Andy's Personal Questions for Matt

In this interview we found out that back in college Harvey had sex on a baseball field, that he manscapes, he's used women's deodorant, he's had a threesome, and that he's never joined the Mile High Club. The most riveting, non-baseball related questions were asked. If you ever wanted to know more intimate details about Harvey, you should take this time to thank Andy Cohen.

This can all be considered tamed when compared to the biggest question asked by Andy Cohen (all of the pun is intended there, you'll see why in a second). Andy asked Matt who had the largest package on the Mets, and no this does not refer to anything baseball. Matt avoided the question, choosing to plead the fifth, but I doubt the Mets PR department was pleased nonetheless.

Andy did ask one great baseball question, and that was if Harvey regretted asking to go back in Game 5 of the World Series. "Not for one second" was his response. News Anchor Connie Chung, who was also on the show, proceeded to then ask if Harvey thought Terry Collins regretted this decision to which Harvey responded "You'd have to ask him." We all know that Terry Collins second guesses this decision; he said so on Terry Collins: A Life in Baseball. He explained that he does believe it was the wrong decision, but he's moved on:

I saw the passion in his eyes — 'I want this game.' That's why I think he's great, and I think that's what's going to make him great: He wants to compete. And he wants to compete on the biggest stage, and in the biggest moment. So I gave him that chance....

I don't know what would have happened after that, but in my mind, we should have made the change.

I had my bad three days. I let it bother me for three days and then I said, 'look, you've got to move on. You're going to kill yourself over this, and it's too late. It's over.'

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Was this a good PR move to show a non-baseball side of Harvey? No, most likely not but I had to throw it out there anyway. This was not the greatest light for the Mets to be shown in, and I doubt the Wilpons will be pleased with this. I on the other hand couldn't stop watching as you truly never knew what (usually inappropriate) tidbit about Matt we'd find out about next.

Don't worry, the off-season Matt Harvey fun doesn't end here; he will be on Late Night With Seth Meyers on Wednesday, February 2nd.