Japan gives the world sake-flavored Kit Kats

Japan Rail Service Accepting Kit Kat Bars As Tickets
Japan Rail Service Accepting Kit Kat Bars As Tickets

"Sublime Bitter" and "Special Chili" sound like they should definitely not be Kit Kats — of course, in Japan, which has a cottage industry of awesomely flavored Kit Kats that will never make it to America, they're par for the course. For the latest hit, though, the powers that be at Kit Kat Japan HQ have decided to put out something far simpler, and appealing: sake. Japanese news site NariNari brings the exciting news that the first fermented-rice Kit Kats will arrive in the country on February 1. These bars have a sake powder layered in between the wafers and what looks like white chocolate, promising candy eaters the ability to savor the "smooth aftertaste of sake."

According to the label, there's 0.8 percent alcohol inside, which, just in case anybody's still confused by this point, is made even clearer in nine-pack boxes that look like and appear to be the size of an actual sake bottle:

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