It's the freakin' weekend! Adorable posts will make you TGIF

It's the freakin' weekend! Adorable posts will make you TGIF

The work week can often feel like it drags on -- the weekend seems like light years away when you wake up on Monday morning, and it often isn't until Friday that you realize you'll get to relax very, very soon. Whether you're about to go party, travel or just Netflix and chill, there's no denying pure joy that moment when you realize that it's Friday.

One of the best ways to wind down and get ready for the weekend is to scroll through social media and check up on your friends and family. Several social media gurus took to Kanvas, the new popular app that allows users to create art, videos and much more, to rejoice that the weekend is just beginning.

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The weekend has arrived, and so have you:

So much room for activities!

In case you wanted to know what's so amazing about the weekend:

Do a celebratory dance -- you know you want to:

Don't worry -- when Friday ends, it's Saturday!

Fridays are so awesome that they get their own greeting:

Maybe if Friday knew how much we love it, it would come around more often:

Is that the joyous sound of children laughing, or workers realizing it's the weekend?

Wake up, it's Friday:

What does the fox say? FRIDAY FRIDAY FRIDAY FRIDAY:

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