Remember 'American Idol' sensation William Hung? You'll never guess what the 'She Bangs' singer is up to now!

'American Idol': The Finest (and Most Frightening) Over 15 Seasons
'American Idol': The Finest (and Most Frightening) Over 15 Seasons

"American Idol" has been the cornerstone of reality singing competitions for the past several years and we can't help but love it.

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There has been a countless number of amazing is for you to determine your definition of amazing. From the obvious choices like Carrie Underwood and Adam Lambert, to the stellar man who brought "Pants on the Ground" to the main stream, it's so hard to find one that truly sticks out.

However, we've managed to bring back to the surface the one audition that has truly implemented itself into the pop culture zeitgeist if you William Hung.

Nickelodeon's 17th Annual Kids' Choice Awards - Arrivals
Nickelodeon's 17th Annual Kids' Choice Awards - Arrivals

As said in his opener, William Hung was, at the time, at UC Berkeley studying Civil Engineering...

While he is just as confused as the rest of America, Hung had no clue why he was about to perform in front of Simon, Paula and Randy...but we are so glad he did. For a quick refresher, William Hung sang "She Bangs" by the great Ricky Martin, much to the surprise of the judges.

For starters, here is what Ricky's version sounded like...

And this was the famous William Hung version...

We apologize that the song will be stuck in your head for the rest of the day, but you probably haven't heard it in a while, so that's exciting!

Hung immediately became a nationwide sensation, gaining a cult following and ironically, a record deal. After his "American Idol" audition, he appeared on shows like "Tonight Show with Jay Leno," the "Howard Stern Show," and "Arrested Development."

The Tonight Show with Jay Leno
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

The now 33-year-old was recently asked about his thoughts of the recent ending of "American Idol," and told Newsweek he did feel sad about the ending.

American Idol is such an iconic show. It's like a pioneer for a lot of the shows they have. Not just in America but across the whole world.

According to Time magazine, Hung is singing a different law. In 2011, he landed a job as a statistical analyst for the Los Angeles County Sheriff Department; talk about a change in careers!

While it's been a while since, his performance will continue to stay in our hearts forever!

Check out more "American Idol" in the gallery below!

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