Dog found injured, abandoned on highway gets second chance

Dog Found Injured, Abandoned on Highway Gets Second Chance
INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. - A dog found injured along a Kentucky highway is getting a chance at recovery thanks to a local animal group.

The dog, Peyton, was suffering from fractures in his back and an open wound when someone spotted him on the side of the road and took him to a high-kill shelter. Darlene Gosnell, the executive director of Therapets of Indiana, got a phone call about the case. She decided to go to Kentucky to get the dog.

"We put him in the cage, and as we traveled back he could not sit or stand," Gosnell said. "So, he would lean against the side of the cage and he just cried. He just hurt."

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Gosnell said Peyton appears to have been attacked by a coyote or large dog. They think he was hit by a car, too.

"He is the worst we have ever rescued," Gosnell said. "He is not a young puppy. We don't really know what his age is, but he's very very small."

Peyton weighs less than eight pounds and is currently in need of prolonged rest in order to regain his strength for surgery.

"So, he's going to have to stay in a cage, on cage rest," Gosnell said. " They're going to start doing some range of motions, hopefully we can start to get the back legs moving on their own. He's partially paralyzed and could be for the rest of his life. We don't know."

Gosnell said no matter the medical outcome, she plans to keep Peyton and get him all the treatment he needs.

"Peyton is hopefully going to become a therapy dog," she said.

The dog still has a long road to recovery before he can play the role of service dog. Therapets of Indiana is a non-profit group. To help with the medical expenses or to learn more about Therapets of Indiana, click here.

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