Beat the winter slump with these wellness trends

Beat the Winter Slump with These Wellness Trends

Staying healthy is hard when there's a blizzard outside but there are some tricks to keep the vibes through at least spring break.

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1. Playlist Essentials – Each week, download your top 5 can't get enough of songs and only allow yourself to listen to them during your workouts. This will get your looking forward to pounding the treadmill because two words: Adele Remix

2. Plates are so last year. Eating meals out of a bowl is a trend worth trying. Its comforting having your food all in once place and its great for portion control. It's also perfect for an on the go lifestyle as many restaurants and fast food chains offer veggie and protein bowl options.

3. Kale is so last year. Seaweed is making waves as it packs a punch in nutrients like minerals from the sea. Its also used as a salt substitute.

4. Drink your way to health. Beauty and health boosting drinks are packed with antioxidants and skin benefiting ingredients. Experts are now linking skin care and nutrition so try one like Raw Generation's Skinny Elixir.

5. And finally dress the part. From Athleta to designer brands, chic and comfortable is becoming part of everyday style. If you're already brunching in your spandex you might as well hit the gym after.

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Beat the winter slump with these wellness trends

Brussel sprouts

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Collard greens 

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Baby kale

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Red bell peppers

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