Apple is reportedly developing wireless charging for future iPhones

Apple Is Reportedly Developing Wireless Charging for Future iPhones

The Apple rumor mill has been out in full force the past few weeks, and the latest whisper is coming from Bloomberg.

We should note, Bloomberg's track record is pretty good when it comes to reports on Apple's plans, but rumors are just that: rumors. Until an Apple executive reveals an iDevice with wireless charging, we can't be certain.

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OK, back to the good stuff: The outlet cites sources "familiar with the plans" who claim Apple is working on a wireless charging solution that could be a step above current offerings.

Current wireless solutions lean a bit heavily on technicalities. True, there's no wire running between your phone and a charging mat, so it's technically wireless, but your device is still anchored to a fixed location.

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Apple is reportedly developing wireless charging for future iPhones

1. When Jobs returned to Apple in 1997, the crowd erupted with applause and cheer as he walked back on stage for the first time.

(Photo via YouTube)

2. The introduction of the first iMac was a milestone for Apple. It was the first computer that seemed cool and not focused on the enterprise. The crowd ate it up.

(Photo via YouTube)

3. The crowd went nuts when Jobs demonstrated how WiFi works back in 1999.

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4. Jobs showed the world the iPod for the first time at an intimate event in 2001.

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5. Conference attendees went ballistic when apple unveiled the iPhone in 2007.

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6. He even prank called Starbucks on stage and ordered 4000 lattes to show how well phone calls worked on the iPhone.

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7. Apple debuted the iPad in 2010 at half the price most people expected.

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8. One of Jobs' most memorable "one more thing" announcements was the first Facetime demo in 2010.

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9. Jobs perfectly summed up the company's approach to mobile with a simple image of a street sign.

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10. Apple CEO Tim Cook used Jobs' famous "one more thing" line for the first time when he unveiled the Apple Watch.

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The solution Apple is said to be developing would give you a bit more freedom while charging your device. According to the report, it "would allow iPhones and iPads to be powered from further away than the charging mats used with current smartphones."

But don't go picturing a scenario where your phone is constantly being charged, no matter your location. You'll still need to be near a charging hub; the farther away you move, the less charge you'll get.

If this technology does find its way into Apple's device lineup, the company will reportedly reveal the tech sometime next year.

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