Wolfgang Puck is about to turn you into a master Chef

Wolfgang Puck Cooking Demo
Wolfgang Puck Cooking Demo


Battling with pots and pans that will not cooperate or a recipe that just doesn't make sense to you as you read it from your cookbook, have you ever wished you could turn to a 5-star chef and ask for his help? (I know I have.) Whether you consider yourself a novice in the kitchen or feel you've mastered most techniques, it never hurts to have Chef Wolfgang Puck in your corner. That's what he's aiming to do with his latest venture -- and it's one that set our office abuzz with excitement.

A culinary legend, Wolfgang Puck is the chef to the stars. In a few short weeks he'll be preparing the meal for the Governors Ball, the official Oscars after party, but in the meantime he's asking you to invite him into your home with the new WolfgangPuckCookingSchool.com. That's right -- an online cooking school where you can learn from the master everything from how to perfectly poach an egg to the right way to sautee chicken for his Chicken Scaloppini. Above, he showed us how to make a mouthwatering Turkey just before Thanksgiving, and now home cooks everywhere will have even more access to his tips and tricks.

Wolfgang Puck Cooking School
Wolfgang Puck Cooking School

We sat down with Wolfgang and he explained why he not only wanted to launch the cooking school, but particularly do so online. "It's an ongoing school, a live site that is constantly updating," he explained. Whether it's recipes for Valentine's Day and the Superbowl or just another classic recipe he wants to include, he is constantly adding new videos and courses.

These are not your typical how-to's -- each course is made up of lessons, ranging from simple techniques to a full recipe execution, and the best part is, it covers every single base. Think about it: When you're working out of a cookbook, you have text and (at best) a few photos. If you're watching a television show, you're at the mercy of the network. If it's Grandma's recipe, you likely only have her notes -- and hopefully you've cooked it with her once to see how she does it!

With the Cooking School, you have a series of videos where Wolfgang shows you each step, interjected with his secrets and tips along the way, and you can pause them, slow them down, rewind, do anything you need as you learn the right way to cook. Plus each comes with step-by-step photos, a written recipe and ingredient list.

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My favorite part is that in each video ends not only with a quick run-through of the most important points made, but Wolfgang shows you how to plate your meal as well. After all, we eat with our eyes first.

So go on, get cooking, and be prepared to wow your family with healthier, tastier, more exciting meals. How can it go wrong when you've got Wolfgang Puck in the kitchen with you?

Learn more about the Wolfgang Puck Cooking School here.

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