Italian town celebrates arrival of first baby in 28 years

Italian Town Celebrates Arrival Of First Baby In 28 Years

A small town in Italy has recently celebrated a big milestone.

Ostana, which is in the northern, mountainous part of the country, welcomed the arrival of a newborn named Pablo, its first baby in 28 years.

According to the mayor, Giacomo Lombardo, the town has struggled to rebuild its population after declining rapidly in the past few decades.

Whereas in the early 1900s, it had more than 1,000 inhabitants, the number has fallen to just 85 – including the baby – and about half of these are part-time residents.

Efforts have been made to try and reinvigorate the town which now has a new general use space, a film program, and a few businesses.

In fact, a local job opportunity kept baby Pablo's parents from moving elsewhere about five years ago.

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