Cute cat with wobbly kitten syndrome close to finding new home after viral fame

Cute Cat with Wobbly Kitten Syndrome Close to Finding New Home After Viral Fame
Cute Cat with Wobbly Kitten Syndrome Close to Finding New Home After Viral Fame

This little kitty's shaky condition is helping her shimmy her way into people's hearts. She has what's called 'wobbly kitten syndrome.'And people all over the world now want to adopt her.

4-month-old Olive was brought to the Watauga Humane Society in Boone, North Carolina as a stray. And after seeing that face, one of the workers took her in as a foster parent, and socialized her with other cats.But as you can see, the humans can't get enough of her.

We have had an incredible reaction to our video postings of Olive, our beautiful black and white kitten with Wobbly...

Posted by Watauga Humane Society on Saturday, January 23, 2016

Olive's 'wobbly kitten syndrome' causes her to tremble when she moves. It's similar to cerebral palsy in humans, except that it doesn't get worse over time. Still, sadly, kittens with the condition are often put down because people think it's painful or contagious.

The staff says that's not true, and Olive is super playful and has a spunky personality.

She can now consider herself a viral video star. This clip has been viewed over 1.4 million times!

Even though she's hiding her eyes, the staff saw thousands of comments pouring in, asking how they can adopt little Olive. It's a lot of applications to sift through, they just want to find a family who think she's perfect just the way she is.

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