Clinton predicts greatest threats next generation will face

Hillary Clinton Predicts Greatest Threat Youngest Generation Faces

If she is lucky enough to win the Democratic nomination and go on to become the next president, Hillary Clinton says the first task she wants to accomplish is raising incomes for American workers.

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But when asked about what threats she thinks the next generation -- the one her granddaughter Charlotte is a part of -- will face, she worries about their opportunity to succeed and achieve their full potential.

"I think there are two kinds of threats. One attacks your spirit and heart and you feel like you just aren't able to live up to your potential, that the opportunities are there," Clinton tells

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Clinton predicts greatest threats next generation will face

While her own grandkids may never lack for opportunity, Clinton says she feels "a real obligation to make sure that my grandchild and everyone's grandchildren have that chance."

That's an issue many candidates, both Democrats and Republicans, have pledged to tackle, but not necessarily the same way.

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Clinton wants to raise the minimum wage, make schools more affordable, and ease the burden on working moms by improving child care and family leave policies. She also wants to close tax loopholes for the wealthy to free up budget to give middle-class families greater tax cuts. Her Democratic rival Sen. Bernie Sanders wants to raise the minimum wage set at $15 an hour, and make college entirely free.

Many of the candidates seeking the Republican nomination plan to use a combination of deregulation and economic incentives for business owners to help create job opportunities for workers. Donald Trump has a tax plan designed to lower rates for lower income workers and businesses as well, often saying on the campaign trail that he'd use his negotiation skills -- especially in trade with China -- to help increase job opportunities.

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Hillary Clinton on Threat of Terror, Biggest Regret and Income Inequality

Clinton tells she's concerned about more than just economic threats to our next generation.

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"There are new diseases coming to our country, this horrible Zika disease, that mosquitos are carrying that affects pregnant woman, we had never heard of that before," she said.

Officials from the World Health Organization announced on Thursday they plan to convene an emergency committee on the "explosively spreading" virus, warning that up to 4 million cases could occur in the Americas.

Clinton also identified terrorism and cyber attacks as major concerns. For more on how Clinton would reassure Americans who are worried about the threat of ISIS, watch the clip below:

Hillary Clinton Weighs in on the Threat of ISIS

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