'Be Like Bill' memes are stealing your personal info

"Be Like Bill" Memes Are Stealing Your Personal Info
"Be Like Bill" Memes Are Stealing Your Personal Info

You've probably seen the popular meme "Be Like Bill" meme all over Facebook - and maybe too much! A stick figure wearing a beanie and a clever message. But there's another message that's not so obvious.

You know that phrase that pops when you're signing up for things all over the Internet ...The one we all skip over..."terms and privacy." You might want to start reading it.

Meme generators such as "Be Like Bill," quizzes and IQ tests should really just be lumped into the "take my information and use it however you want" category - because that's pretty much what they do.

The Better Business Bureau is warning people to stay away from these scams that collect your info, can cause viruses on your computer and can steal your bank details. And those "terms of use" give them some cover. Blobla's site once warned that "You will allow us to use, edit your content with our service permanently, no limit and no recover."

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