A day in the life of people who take their horoscopes a little too seriously

Just like many people live their lives based on superstition, several people adhere to other patterns, signs and belief systems that might seem out of the ordinary to an outsider. Although most people use their horoscope signs to kill time or see what their favorite app thinks will await them for the day, many people use the zodiac religiously. And while it can be healthy to believe strongly in something and have faith behind your actions, some people may give the zodiac a little too much control over their lives.

Several horoscope obsessors took to Whisper, the popular app that provides an anonymous platform for people to share their most honest thoughts, to explain just how closely they live their lives based on the zodiac.

'You might think you like someone ... but you could be wrong.'
I once broke up with someone because our zodiac signs weren

Self-fulfilling prophecies are REAL:
I believe everything my zodiac sign says about me. I

This ice breaker probably wouldn't do so well on a date or at an interview:
When people ask me to talk about myself I tell them to read my zodiac sign description. It describes me perfectly.

Even if you don't believe in the zodiac fully, there might be something in the back of your head that draws you to it:

You can't fight the truth:
I always feel a little crazy when I check my zodiac compatibility with someone. But it

Horoscopes might provide you with a feeling of connectedness that you may not feel otherwise:
Most of the time I believe what is predicted when my zodiac sign says it... It makes me feel more in tune with the universe.

Not everyone understands other people's belief systems:
I am fascinated by astrology horoscopes and use them to read other people in my daily life. But I

Just because you know you're obsessed doesn't mean you want to stop:

Horoscopes might make you feel closer to the people who are far away:
I always read the daily horoscopes of the ones I care about to make sure they

Hey, whatever keeps your boat afloat:
Sometimes I look up facts about my zodiac sign just to stroke my ego.

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