5 really big advantages millennials have over everyone else

What Millennials Want
What Millennials Want

While every generation has its pluses and minuses, millennials have an edge over most everyone else in the workplace. This edge sets them up for success on the job--and in life in general. Here are five specific advantages millennials have over their co-workers.

1. Technological proficiency

Millennials, due to their timely generation of birth, are usually very well versed in technology. They are able to pick up skills which are much more difficult for their older co-workers to process at the drop of a hat. Need to learn Photoshop? Give them two days with a manual. Haven't figured out how to upgrade the new software? Check in after a week. The remarkably fast technology uptake rate of millennials is something that cannot be ignored.

2. Higher levels of education

Compared to past generations, millennials are the most educated generation in history. In the United States, there has been an 80 percent increase in Master's degrees awarded per capita since 1987. Pursuing higher and higher levels of education can only set up future generations for the better, creating a ripple effect that will last long into the future.

3. Challenging traditional corporate structures

Millennials, with their love of creativity and their constant need for change, have recoiled against the idea of "the man" and what it means to work under him. They are in the process of rethinking corporate structures, finding reasons to work more closely with their higher-ups, and in the process, developing longer-lasting connections.

4. Multitasking

Although often viewed as both a blessing and a curse, the ability to multitask is undeniably useful in everyday life. Trying to balance a hundred things at once is something not everyone can do--and something that millennials easily do best. With the plethora of stimulation at their fingertips, it makes sense that millennials have developed the useful tool of compartmentalizing to achieve maximum efficiency.

5. Non-complacent

Unlike previous generations, millennials shudder at the thought of settling -- for anything. The generation is comprised of people constantly trying to better themselves, incessantly looking for the next best thing to improve. Although their short attention span is often berated by other generations, it cannot be denied that their insatiable thirst for success will take Millennials very far.

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