This is the biggest trend in men's hair right now

The Most-Googled Hair Trends
The Most-Googled Hair Trends

Guys, listen up: the tides of men's hairstyles are turning, and you'd better be on board.

Those super close fades and tight barbershop-type haircuts are on the way out, and longer hair is coming back in.

"Guys are going for natural looks," Riki Bryan, head of marketing at Fellow Barber, a chain of high-end barbershops in New York City and San Francisco, told Business Insider.

"Either classic gentleman's cuts that have a natural back and sides, or fully growing out the sides and back and just going for a more long and natural look."

This makes sense when you consider other loosening trends in menswear, like athleisure.

So what should you ask for next time you sit in a barber's chair? One word: scissors.

Ask your barber to use scissors on the back and sides instead of clippers, which will give your hair a more natural, longer look.

For everyday maintenance you're going to need to remember to shampoo less oftenand condition regularly, as longer hair has a tendency to look terrible when it's dried out.

And when you get out of the shower, you're going to want to use styling cream in it, which was created especially for longer hairstyles. It'll tame any frizz and basically replicate the natural oils you just washed out of your hair, creating a "three-day dirty look", according to Bryan.

The good news is that you can get away with going to the barbershop less often. Longer hair requires only a one-a-month trim, versus the every-two-weeks shape-up that the close-cropped styles required.

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