Police replacing guard dogs with guard geese

Police Replacing Guard Dogs with Guard Geese
Police Replacing Guard Dogs with Guard Geese

Dogs have held the title of man's best friend for a long time, but pups in the Chinese police force are looking for new jobs and they're being replaced by geese.

There's been quite a bit of violence lately in China's Xinjiang province. Their guard dogs on the force have been very busy. People have been trying to drug the dogs at what's being called an alarming rate. Buns with poison are reportedly being thrown into cages where the police dogs are held.

The show must go on and so police there are turning to geese for help. Geese are used because they're less likely to eat poisoned buns because they're pickier eaters and they can't see that well at night.

Even if the bun poisons one, geese hang out in packs and you'd still have other able bodied geese to keep the post clear.

Furthermore, have you ever gotten too close to a goose and had it get angry at you? You can only try and ignore them for so long before you'd have to go check what they want.

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