Kevin Love trade rumors: Celtics still interested in making a deal

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LeBron James: Don't Hate Me for My 'Huge Basketball IQ'

The NBA trade deadline is less than a month away and things are beginning to heat up in regards to rumors. Every year around the deadline, there is one big name that dominates headlines when it comes to rumors and this year the honor belongs toCleveland Cavaliers forward Kevin Love.

Ever since Love arrived in Cleveland, it's always seemed like he's been on shaky ground and despite him re-signing a new deal with the Cavaliers, the rumors about him moving haven't stopped.

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Yahoo's Adrian Wojnarowski discussed Love on his latest The Vertical Podcast and mentioned the Boston Celtics as a team that could land Love. The Celtics are a team that has always had interest in Love, even before he landed in Cleveland and he would be a perfect fit in Boston.

The Celtics are the team that's been prepared to make a move for sometime and they have the assets to land any big superstar should one become available. Although the Cavaliers have given no inclination of trading Love, it's not out of the realm of possibility that they move him as they try to fix things.

Celtics forward Jae Crowder is mentioned as a piece that the Cavaliers would love to have and that the two sides could make a deal if they wanted to.

Everyone's waiting for the Celtics to finally strike and make that big deal. It's just a matter of when and the right piece becoming available. Is that piece Love?

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