From fashion police to bears, these are the weirdest US laws

From Fashion Police to Bears: These Are the Weirdest US Laws
From Fashion Police to Bears: These Are the Weirdest US Laws

Here are some of the weirdest laws in the U.S:

Alabama has a distaste for fake mustaches. They are illegal to wear to church with the purpose of making others laugh.

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The fashion police is a real thing in Nebraska. It's illegal for a mother to give her daughter a perm without a permit.

Tennessee doesn't like freeloaders. It's illegal to share a Netflix password.

Washington state protects its big, harry creatures. Harassing Bigfoot, Sasquatch or other undiscovered subspecies could lead to jail time.

In North Dakota, it's apparently illegal to lie down and fall asleep with your shoes on.

Finally, lots of weird laws about bears.

Alaska: It's illegal to wake a sleeping bear for a photo.

Missouri: It's illegal to drive with an uncaged bear.

Oklahoma: It's illegal to wrestle a bear.

Take a peek at this infographic from Olivet Nazarene University below for more unexpected laws:

How many of these -- if any -- did you know?

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