Bernie Sanders is using Snapchat to try to win over young voters

Bernie Sanders Launches 'Feel the Bern' Snapchat Filters
Bernie Sanders Launches 'Feel the Bern' Snapchat Filters

Democrat presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is targeting younger voters with a nine-day Snapchat campaign. The drive features a Snapchat geofilter, which asks "Are you ready to feel the Bern?"

The campaign is specifically targeted at voters in Iowa, ahead of the Feb. 1 caucuses. This means that only people in Iowa can apply the filter to their video and picture messages.

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The Wall Street Journal reports that there will be a different, time-relevant filter everyday. Monday's ad read: "Feel The Bern: One Week Until Caucus Night!", but Wednesday's says: "Feel The Bern in 5 Days!"

"We're leveraging Snapchat to help us turn out young caucusgoers in Iowa who know Sen. Sanders is the best candidate to make college affordable, fight climate change and take on a corrupt political system," Sanders' digital director Kenneth Pennington told Mashable.

According to the WSJ, Sanders is the first Democrat candidate to use Snapchat for advertising, but many Republicans, including Ted Cruz, John Kasich, and Rand Paul have already run similar, but shorter advertisements on the messaging app.

Hilary Clinton has not directly advertised with a Snapchat filter. However, Priorities USA — a super political action committee, which supports Clinton -- bought a "Deport Trump" filter last year.

Sanders has made some serious progress with Snapchat, after joking in November that he did not understand why each photo message only lasts for a maximum of 10 seconds:

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