108 years young! East Cleveland woman reveals her secret to longevity

108-Year-Old Woman Reveals Her Secret To A Long Life

EAST CLEVELAND, Ohio – Arlena Labon can't help but laugh when she thinks about how old she is. She's getting ready to celebrate her 108th birthday. How many people can say that?

"She is the most remarkable woman. She's healthy and has an insatiable appetite. She's doing well," said her Great Niece Claudia Martin.

She said old age actually runs in the family. They have another cousin who lived to be 114.

"So longevity kind of runs in our genes," she said.

108 year old woman reveals secrets to staying young
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108 years young! East Cleveland woman reveals her secret to longevity
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Arlena never had kids of her own, but she was a foster parent for a very long time. In fact, she's fostered probably close to 50 children. She said it was important to her to give them a good life and to make sure they all had good educations.

"I gave them what I didn't get. I was a drop out, but I thank the Lord because I'm doing alright," said Arlena.

Besides her love of kids, she also loves animals. In her spare time, she enjoys watching TV.

"I like the judge shows," she said.

As for her diet, Arlena said she hasn't really done anything special. She usually eats whatever she wants. That being said though, there is one thing she's always mindful of, her attitude.

"Just love one another, baby. Treat one another good. I love everybody and will help everybody that I can. So that's what we have to do," she said.

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