Woman forgives car prowler in emotional Facebook message titled, 'What you don't know'

Woman Posts Surprising Message to Thieves

PUYALLUP, Wash. -- A woman has written an emotional letter to the person who broke into her husband's car and stole from him. She wanted the thief to know how that crime affected her family.

"To the person who smashed our car window and stole my husband's backpack," Jill Lowden's letter on Facebook begins. "There's so much you don't know about us, about the backpack, and about the chain of events your crime set in motion."

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Sean Lowden went to the Denny's in Puyallup on the morning of January 12, to meet some friends from church. He says he left his work laptop in a backpack on the front seat of his car. That backpack was stolen, when someone broke his front window.

"I was terminated because of the laptop being stolen," he says.

He also lost a piece of medical equipment that helps him cope with multiple sclerosis and his deteriorating vision.

"Losing that was honestly more important than even the laptop to me. And it's probably not something that whoever stole the backpack can do anything with."

If that wasn't enough, Sean and his wife are in the midst of an adoption process. At first, they weren't sure if losing his job would jeopardize that.

"I was quite scared, angry, confused," he says.

But even though her family is going through such hardship, Jill didn't want to dwell on the negative. That's why she decided to write a letter to the thief.

"You need to know that we're praying for you, not in the cliché way people say. Really, truly I am praying for you."

She had no idea her words of forgiveness would be shared by hundreds of people on social media. She doubts the person responsible will read the message, but she hopes somehow the feeling gets across.

"We don't need the things back," she says. "It would be great. It would have been great to not have them stolen in the first place. But I'm so grateful this person wasn't violent, that this person did not attack my husband physically. It makes it easier for me to get to that point of grace quicker."

"What you don't know"To the person who smashed our car window and stole my husband's backpack, from the Denny's...

Posted by Jill Lowden on Thursday, January 21, 2016

Puyallup police told the Lowdens there were a half-dozen car prowls in the area around the Denny's on January 12. The restaurant does not have security cameras, so right now, there is no description of the suspect.

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