Weather Channel meteorologist dies in parking garage crash

Weather Channel Meteorologist Dies in Parking Garage Crash
Weather Channel Meteorologist Dies in Parking Garage Crash

A longtime Weather Channel meteorologist died in a crash inside an Atlanta parking garage Sunday.

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Police say 39-year-old Nick Wiltgen had a medical emergency behind the wheel and drove through a parking garage wall. He was pronounced dead at the scene. A worker on the other side of the wall in a storage area suffered non-life-threatening injuries.

See photos of Wiltgen and reaction to his death below:

Police told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution a witness saw Wiltgen's Volkswagen traveling "at a very high rate of speed" before crashing through the Midtown's Colony Square Mall wall. Witnesses pulled him out of the car and attempted CPR, but they were unsuccessful.

Wiltgen, a senior digital meteorologist, had been a part of the Weather Channel for over 15 years. A company release said, "No one took the mission of keeping people safe from big storms more to heart than Nick."

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