The Rock appears on WWE RAW, faces off with New Day (Video)

Dwayne The Rock Johnson Makes Returns to WWE's Raw
Dwayne The Rock Johnson Makes Returns to WWE's Raw

WWE was teasing the appearance of a huge star on Monday Night RAW all through the day leading to the Jan. 25 episode of the show from Miami, FL. Though there was plenty of speculation about who that star could be, the most likely option seemed like The Great One, The Rock, considering his residence in Miami. As it turns out, that was the correct assumption.

Though WWE teased that the star was waiting in the back for much of the show in a limo, they swerved everyone by showing The Miz. That's when The Rock zoomed into the backstage area in his truck, got out, and made his way through the halls of AmericanAirlines Arena:

He stopped and had a hilarious moment reminiscing with Big Show:

Then he stopped and flirted with Lana, much to the dislike of Rusev:

He then came out to the ring saying his patented "Finally!" for his homecoming in Miami. As per usual with Rocky, he received an absolutely enormous and electric reception from the crowd:

The Rock then hyped up his upcoming appearance at WrestleMania 32, as he's been doing on social media. Then he went off-book as he talked to fans sitting in the front row cosplaying different wrestlers, one of them imitating The Rock himself:

Just as he got back to hyping WrestleMania, though, The New Day came out to confront him and then took to insulting The Rock by talking about beating his real life cousins in The Usos at the Royal Rumble:

New Day continued to cut a heel promo on The Rock, Miami, and everything in between. However, The People's Champion would only be quiet for so long:

He then challenged them to a fight, which they did not take him up on as they said Miami didn't deserve it before leaving up the entrance ramp:

As they were doing so, The Rock's cousins in The Usos came out and attacked New Day. Big E got hit with a Rock Bottom and then Xavier Woods ate a couple of superkicks before taking a People's Elbow:

The most electrifying man in sports entertainment certainly delivered.