Rhino visits conservancy after being released back into the wild

Rhino Visits Conservancy After Being Released Back Into the Wild
Rhino Visits Conservancy After Being Released Back Into the Wild

A black rhino occasionally checks in on the people who rescued him.

Elvis was born on the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy in Kenya. Unfortunately, his mother was blind, so in an effort to ensure his survival, the people of Lewa decided to raise him themselves.

Because of poachers killing them for their horns, Rhinos are critically endangered and it's very important to keep as many of them alive as possible so they don't go extinct.

After four years of being raised by humans, Elvis was finally able to take care of himself and was reintroduced into the wild. The conservancy even de-horned him to keep him safe from poachers.

Elvis is thriving out there on his own, but he's not forgetting his roots - every once in a while, he visits the humans who helped him get back on his big rhino feet. He'll have a drink, take a stroll and even pop his head in to see what's cooking in the kitchen.

Kinda like when the seniors who graduated come back to visit high school after their first semester at college... only INFINITELY cooler.

See more photos from the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy:

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