Lizard found in student's lettuce is now a class pet

Lizard Found in Student's Lettuce Is Now a Class Pet
Lizard Found in Student's Lettuce Is Now a Class Pet

A mother and her daughter were shocked when they opened a bunch of leafy dinner greens and found a lizard!

This little anole now calls Riverside Elementary School home after one student and her mother unknowingly brought it home from the grocery store. Having lived in the refrigerator for a few days, the pair found the 3-inch lizard cold and lifeless. But leave it to the girl's science teacher, Mark Eastburn, to turn a scare into a learning session!

The Mr. Eastburn says this discovery shows organic food is safe for even the smallest creatures. Once on it's last legs, the little guy is now a school sensation...some would even say the new mascot.

Nicknamed "Green Fruit Loop," the reptile is now living in a cage the class set up in a science lab. The manager of the store where the lettuce was bought says the it must have been tucked away in a leaf.

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