'Game of Thrones' star Lena Headey hurls insults at women of 'The Bachelor' as Cersei Lannister (Video)

'Jimmy Kimmel Live!': Queen Cersei Reads Insults from The Bachelor
'Jimmy Kimmel Live!': Queen Cersei Reads Insults from The Bachelor

Lena Headey is famous for playing the cruel Cersei Lannister on HBO's "Game of Thrones," but it appears she may have met her match — the women of "The Bachelor."

Jimmy Kimmel had the actress channel her "GoT" character to read a series of insults spoken by contestants on the ABC reality show, and she proceeded to rip them to shreds with her piercing verbiage.

Insults included threats to punch another woman in the face, speculating that another woman's breasts are fake, and being incredulous at how bad another woman's breath is.

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Headey will perhaps get a chance to spar with the Queen of Thorns at the next rose ceremony when "Game of Thrones" returns to HBO on April 24.

Watch the video.

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