Former MLB pitcher John Rocker endorses Donald Trump

Trump Protesters Buy GOP Frontrunner's Old Bus on Craigslist
Trump Protesters Buy GOP Frontrunner's Old Bus on Craigslist

Former MLB relief pitcher John Rocker has never shied away from speaking his mind. His latest comments, endorsing Republican candidate Donald Trump for president, shows us that nothing has changed on that front.

"I think he has really woken America up," Rocker told The Daily Caller exclusively.

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He went on:

I'm probably as disheartened as everyone else is, as Trump supporters seem to be, with the status quo and the glad-handing politicians and the soundbite politicians always looking for the right comment to make and walking that fine line trying to make every single faction out there, who could be a possible voter, don't make anybody mad and wear kid gloves.

I wish someone, excuse the frankness here, would have the sack, would have the backbone to make unpopular comments, and when folks come out — mainly media, special interest groups, factions, things like that — and just start hammering them and demanding apologies... I've always wanted to see the person that's like, 'Yeah, I've made these comments, these are my beliefs, and you know what, if you don't like it stick it. I'm not apologizing, I'm not changing. I think that is something that millions and millions of Americans have been waiting for probably a decade or two to hear something. Maybe even since Reagan.

Rocker is perhaps most recognizable to baseball fans as the Atlanta Braves pitcher who, in a 1999 Sports Illustrated interview, went on a homophobic and xenophobic tirade against the city of New York. Despite Trump being a native of the city, Rocker admires the candidate's lack of concern for political correctness.

"[New Yorkers] are always striving for the best. 'We want to be the best.' The best. It can get a little obnoxious and arrogant but at the same time, it can be a good thing," Rocker said.

Rocker served a lengthy suspension in 2000 for his anti-New York comments, and last pitched in the MLB in 2003.

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