Brian Williams will return to MSNBC primetime for Iowa caucuses

Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders Make Final Pitches Before Iowa Caucuses
Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders Make Final Pitches Before Iowa Caucuses

Former NBC "Nightly News" anchor Brian Williams will return to the primetime news anchor seat, co-anchoring MSNBC's coverage of the Iowa caucuses with Rachel Maddow on Monday.


Williams and Maddow will anchor from New York, while "Hardball" host Chris Matthews, Andrea Mitchell and Chuck Todd will be stationed in Des Moines.

See Brian Williams through the years:

Williams returned to television last September after a six-month suspension for exaggerating details from various situations throughout his career. The scandal broke when Williams claimed a chopper he was riding in got hit by an RPG during his coverage in the early days of the Iraq War.

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"I told stories that were not true. Over the years, looking back, it is very clear. I never intended to. It got mixed up. It got turned around," Williams told NBC's Matt Lauer last June on NBC's "Today."

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"Nightly News" has seen continued success with Williams' replacement anchor, Lester Holt.

Chris Hayes, Kasie Hunt, Hallie Jackson, Chris Jansing, Katy Tur, and Kristen Welker will report live from campaign headquarters and caucus sites across Iowa.

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