B.o.B. just dropped an anti-Semitic flat-Earth diss track on Neil deGrasse Tyson

Rapper B.O.B. Believes That the Earth Is Flat
Rapper B.O.B. Believes That the Earth Is Flat

Atlanta rapper B.o.B. revealed himself as a convert to the internet-beloved, celebrity-favorite conspiracy-theory belief that the Earth is flat this weekend, prompting the astrophysicist and world champion parade-rainer Neil deGrasse Tyson to explan that, well, the Earth is not flat, for reasons that have to do with physics and gravity and, you know, reality. But in the cutthroat industries of music and public science education, you can't get away with telling a man that the world is round and not expect a response. And here it is: a diss track. B.o.B. is attempting to ether Neil deGrasse Tyson.

He does not, uh, succeed. Genius has a transcript, and while couplets like "Rappers get off of my dick and get your own bars up / Now the mirror lizard's breath got the clones scared cuz" have a certain kind of charm, the general incomprehensibility of the flat-Earth theory is difficult to get past. As is the anti-Semitism. Here's the second verse, in which B.o.B. shouts out Holocaust denier David Irving, asserts — in the manner of cranks the internet over — that "Stalin was way worse than Hitler," and darkly implies that a Jewish conspiracy compels the president to wear a kippah.

Voice, voice, do I have a voice?
Do I give a fuck? Do I have a choice?
Joint, joint, I roll up a joint
Keep my shooters in the game like I hate to disappoint
I see only good things on the horizon
That's probably why the horizon is always rising
Indoctrinated in a cult called science
And graduated to a club full of liars
Heliocentrism, you were the sixth victim
Fuck you and your team, you could sit on the bench with 'em
They nervous, but before you try to curve it
Do your research on David Irving
Stalin was way worse than Hitler
That's why the POTUS gotta wear a kippah
I'm a man first before an artist
Get a lawyer, look up Doctor Richard Sauder

That's Dr. Richard Sauder, author of Underground Bases and Tunnels: What Is the Government Trying to Hide? Just as social media has revealed to us which of our high-school classmates and college friends have turned to fluoridation conspiracy and 9/11 trutherism, so, too, will it reveal to us which D-list celebrities and second-tier rappers believe the Earth is flat.

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