Airline allows seating for 'supernatural' dolls

Airline Allows Seating For 'Supernatural' Dolls

An airline in Asia has decided to accommodate an unusual passenger aboard its planes.

Bloomberg Business reports that Thai Smile Airways will allow ticketed travelers to purchase accompanying seats for their dolls.

While these child-like figures will not be allowed to sit in exit rows and must wear seat belts when required, they will also be served refreshments during the trip.

Owners who do not pay for an extra seat will have to place their dolls in carry-on storage areas, but the cargo will reportedly get priority status.

The reason for this special treatment is because the dolls, known as Look Thep, or Child Angels, are believed to have supernatural powers.

The thought is that, by treating these spiritualized figures well, such as dressing them in fancy clothes, they will bring good luck to their owners.

It is a trend that has only grown after celebrities publicly endorsed their powers.

The airline's CEO has said the policy change occurred as a result of dolls being placed on laps or nearby empty seats which could be dangerous during turbulence.
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