Woman calls trip to Indianapolis restaurant a fast food nightmare

Woman Says She Found Bugs Inside Wendy's Baked Potato

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (WXIN) -- The Marion County Health Department is investigating a claim from a woman who says she found bugs in her baked potato.

She calls it a fast food nightmare and wants the restaurant to be held accountable.

Raeshawn Andrew says she's been eating at the Wendy's in Castleton one to two times a week for the past six months because it's close to work. On Wednesday she ordered her usual baked potato, and as she was eating it, she says she saw bugs underneath the spud.

The restaurant gave her a refund, but she called the Marion County Health Department. A food inspector on Friday found no bug-related violations at the restaurant but didn't dismiss Andrew's claim.

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Bugs in Wendy's order
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Woman calls trip to Indianapolis restaurant a fast food nightmare
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The chain's owner says they are cooked sprouts from the potato, but Andrew disagrees.

"There's antennas, there's legs these are bugs. I picked it up to hold it to show it to her and there were two more bugs right next to each other. I'm like I dropped it. I was instantly disgusted," said Andrew.

The health department says the restaurant does not have a history of pest or bug violations. The entire report has not yet been made public.

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