Winter Storm Jonas survivors share their blizzard experiences

Winter Storm Jonas made a historic amount of snowfall this past weekend in the Northeastern United States, leaving an entire region completely covered in a thick layer of snow. For some, this led to a cozy, snowed in weekend -- others weren't as lucky.

Several Jonas survivors took to Whisper, the popular app that provides an anonymous platform for people to share their most honest thoughts, to share their own snow experiences.

Creatures less than two feet tall disappeared among the flakes:
My dog couldn

Hot chocolate indoors usually beats manual labor in thirty-degree weather:
I went outside to attempt to shovel after the blizzard after one step I changed my mind

This isn't exactly what we intended when we asked for a little bit of snowfall:
I actually wanted a little snow, "a little" instead I got winter hell

Snow may be light and fluffy, but lots and lots of it can really wear you down:
Shoveling snow off of my car was way more exhausting than I thought it would be.

For some, Jonas was more like a time machine to a pre-technological era than a snowstorm:

Too much of anything -- even laying in bed -- can become tiresome:

Nothing brings a neighborhood together like snow-blowing each other's driveways:
Thank you to all the people who actually got outside to shovel or help somebody with the snow we received these past few days . All it takes is motivation .

Some people's snow days were a tad short-lived:
The blizzard just ended and my boss asked me to come into work Uh... No! We

You can't really find much more serenity than on a quiet, snowy winter's night:
The silence last night while I was shoveling was amazing.. So peaceful being alone, stars above, snow all over, no people, no talking, no chaos.. like time was standing still.

With some healthy imaginations, some people were able to end up having a white Christmas after all:
So I

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Two feet of snow means bye bye body for some tiny animals:
Tiny Dogs in Winter Storm Jonas Snow
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