Weight loss secrets from around the world

Weight Loss Secrets From Around The World


Guess what? Believe it or not The US of A is NOT the fattest country in the world!

According to the World Health Organization, out of 188 ranked countries, the USA comes in at 27th place with 66.3% of the population overweight or obese. Okay, so that's not really great news, but it shows we aren't alone in fighting the fat.

So what's the rest of the world doing to try to cut through the calories?

MSN Health & Fitness has some weight loss tips from around the globe.

In Thailand, a lot of dishes include spicy chilies, which contain capsaicin, an appetite suppressor.

The Japanese where keep the pounds off by not finishing their plate. By only eating 80% of what's on the plate, fewer calories are taken in and that means adding less to your waistline.

In Russia, small pieces of land called dacha are used so people can grow and harvest their own produce – so you not only eat what you want, but you know it's all organic.

French food is tasty, for sure. So how do they keep so thin? Well, one way is to make sure the meals take their time. Eating slower makes you feel full, quicker, so you end up eating less.

However, in England, they simply keep their portions small. You won't find 44oz sodas for a dollar or the Carl's Jr. Most American Thickburger, which has a hamburger patty,a hotdog, and potato chips on the same bun. Their portions are sensible and good for keeping the calorie count low.

In Germany, the biggest meal of the day is breakfast. That way you front load your day with calories and let it burn off all day.

In Mexico, it's common for lunch to be the largest meal for a similar reason. Most of the day's calories are consumed in the busiest part of the day and not right before you go to bed. This means more is burned off instead of turned into fat.

And there you go, some ways other countries try to keep off the fat.

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Weight loss secrets from around the world

#1. (tie) The Fertility Diet

Pro: Promotes fertility 

Pro: Encourages healthy pregnancy 

Con: Discouraged for those with blocked fallopian tubes

Con: It's strictly for women

[See fertility diet nutrition.]

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#1. (tie) The MIND Diet

Pro: Blends two proven healthy diets

Pro: May boost brain power

Con: Details not fleshed out

Con: Recipes, resources lacking

[See MIND Diet nutrition.]

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#1. (tie) Weight Watchers

Pro: Eat what you want; no foods off-limits

Pro: Flexibility to shape your own diet

Con: Tedious point-tallying

Con: Pricey

[See Weight Watchers menu.]
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#4. Jenny Craig Diet

Pro: No guesswork

Pro: Prepackaged meals, delivered

Con: Home-cooked and restaurant meals largely off-limits

Con: Budget-buster

[See Jenny Craig Recipes.]

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#5. (tie) The Flexitarian Diet

Pro: Flexible

Pro: Lots of (tasty) recipes

Con: Emphasis on home-cooking

Con: Might be tough if you don’t like fruits and veggies

[See Flexitarian Diet menu.]

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#5. (tie) Mediterranean Diet

Pro: Nutritionally sound

Pro: Diverse foods and flavors

Con: Lots of grunt work

Con: Moderately pricey

[See more Mediterranean Diet photos.]

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#7. (tie) Slim-Fast Diet

Pro: Convenient – grab and go

Pro: No math or guesswork

Con: Little "real" food

Con: Same old, same old, meal after meal

[See Slim-Fast Diet reviews.]

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#7. (tie) Volumetrics Diet

Pro: Filling

Pro: Nothing off limits

Con: Lengthy meal preparation

Con: Fruit-veggie-and-soup burnout possible

[See more Volumetrics photos.]

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#9. DASH Diet
Pro: Heart healthy

Pro: Nutritionally sound

Con: Lots of grunt work

Con: Somewhat pricey

[See DASH Diet menu.]
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#9. (tie) Mayo Clinic Diet
Pro: Nutritionally sound

Pro: You shape your diet

Con: Lots of grunt work

Con: Somewhat pricey

[See Mayo Clinic Diet recipes.]
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#9. (tie) Nutrisystem Diet

Pro: Heat and eat

Pro: No foods off limits (not even carbs)

Con: Comeback of the TV dinner

Con: Eating out is limited

[See the Nutrisystem menu.]

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#12. TLC Diet

Pro: Heart healthy

Pro: Not a fad diet; government endorsed

Con: On your own

Con: Must decode nutrition labels

[See more TLC Diet photos.]

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#13. (tie) Biggest Loser Diet

Pro: Solid nutrition

Pro: No foods off limits

Con: Lots of grunt work

Con: Somewhat pricey

[See Biggest Loser Diet reviews.]

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# 13. (tie) HMR Program

Pro: Meals delivered to you

Pro: Phased approach for quick start on weight loss 

Con: Eating out limited

Con: Shakes could get humdrum

[See MHR Diet reviews.]

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#15. (tie) South Beach Diet

Pro: Yes to snacks and dessert

Pro: No calorie-counting

Con: Could seem awfully restrictive at first

Con: Lots of time prepping and cooking meals

[See South Beach recipes here.]

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#15. (tie) Traditional Asian Diet

Pro: Diverse foods and flavors

Pro: Filling

Con: Rice-and-noodle burnout possible

Con: Few guiding resources

[See a traditional Asian Diet menu.]

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#17. (tie) Anti-Inflammatory Diet

Pro: Nutritionally sound

Pro: You shape your diet

Con: Moderately pricey

Con: Can be lots of work

[See Anti-Inflammatory Diet nutrition.]

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#17. (tie) Flat Belly Diet

Pro: Tasty menu recipes

Pro: Abundant guidance and resources

Con: Skimpy evidence that “good” fats are the magic bullet

Con: Fewer days of menus than other plans

[See Flat Belly Diet menu.]

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#17. (tie) Vegetarian Diet

Pro: Nutritionally sound

Pro: Heart healthy (if you plan it right)

Con: Might miss the meat

Con: Can be lots of work

[See Vegetarian Diet nutrition.]

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#20. (tie) Abs Diet

Pro: Indulging allowed

Pro: Frequent meals and snacks

Con: Lack of specific research

Con: Fewer days of menus than other plans

[See more abs diet photos.]

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#20. (tie) The Fast Diet

Pro: Few rules to keep track of

Pro: Dieting only two days a week

Con: Unsafe for some people

Con: Hunger-pangs likely

[See Fast Diet menu.]

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#21. (tie) Medifast Diet

Pro: Nutritionally sound

Pro: No counting carbs, points or calories

Con: Powdered, just-add-water food

Con: Might be tough to stick with

[See Medifast Diet nutrition.]

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#23. (tie) Atkins Diet

Pro: Fatty food guilt-free

Pro: Quick weight loss

Con: Goodbye to sweets and bread

Con: More calorie-restricted than you might think

[See Atkins recipes.]

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#23. (tie) Spark Solution Diet

Pro: Nutritionally sound

Pro: Fitness guidance

Con: Difficult to dine out

Con: Rigid daily guidelines

[See Spark Nutrition reviews.]

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#25. (tie) Supercharged Hormone Diet

Pro: Restores hormonal health and metabolic function 

Pro: Long-lasting effects

Con: Starts with a rigorous two-week detox

Con: Somewhat pricey

[See Supercharged Hormone Diet recipes.]

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#25. (tie) Zone Diet

Pro: All foods welcome

Pro: Frequent meals and snacks

Con: Tedious portioning

Con: Limited daily calories

[See Zone Diet reviews.]

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#27. (tie) Eco-Atkins Diet

Pro: Less restrictive than Atkins

Pro: Filling; rich in high-fiber foods

Con: Little guidance

Con: Nothing for carnivores

[See more Eco-Atkins photos.]

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#27. (tie) Glycemic Index Tie

Pro: Menu flexibility

Pro: Hampers hunger

Con: Little guidance, save for carbs

Con: Have to do homework

[See Glycemic Index reviews.]

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#29. (tie) Acid Alkaline Diet

Pro: Heavy on fresh produce

Pro: Filling

Con: Lots of rules to remember

Con: Little research to back it up

[See Acid Alkaline Diet reviews.]

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#29. (tie) Body Reset Diet

Pro: Short-term program

Pro: Should see results quickly

Con: Smoothies could get boring

Con: Weight loss may not last

[See Body Reset Diet menu.]

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#31. Ornish Diet

Pro: Solid nutritionally

Pro: Heart-happy

Con: Not exactly easy 

Con: Not exactly cheap

[See Ornish Diet menu.]

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#32. (tie) Macrobiotic Diet

Pro: “Real” food emphasized

Pro: Filling

Con: Lots of grunt work

Con: Somewhat pricey

[See more Macrobiotic Diet photos.]
(Photo via Getty Images)

#32. (tie) Paleo Diet

Pro: Carnivore approved

Pro: Very low in sodium

Con: Goodbye to grains and dairy

Con: Pricey

[See Paleo Diet reviews.]

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#32. (tie) Vegan Diet

Pro: Fiber-rich and filling

Pro: Health and environmental benefits

Con: Really restrictive

Con: Can be lots of work

[See Vegan Diet recipes.]

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#35. Engine 2 Diet

Pro: Health and environmental benefits

Pro: No calorie counting

Con: Complete lifestyle overhaul

Con: Considerable meal planning and prep

[See Engine 2 Diet nutrition.]

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#36. Dukan Diet

Pro: All-you-can-eat

Pro: Filling

Con: Lots of rules

Con: Could fall short nutritionally

[See Dukan Diet nutrition.]

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#37. Whole30 Diet

Pro: Short-term

Pro: No calorie-counting or exercise required 

Con: Goodbye to grains, dairy, sugar, legumes and alcohol

Con: Only the highly committed and organized need apply

[See Whole30 Diet nutrition.]

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#38. Raw Food Diet

Pro: Fruits and veggies dominate the menu

Pro: Nearly guaranteed weight loss

Con: Tedious meal prep; equipment required

Con: Lots of rules

[See Raw Food Diet menu.]

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