Warning, this website will crash your iPhone

Make Your iPhone More Secure
Make Your iPhone More Secure

Last year, a simple text could crash your iPhone. Now there's a website circulating on social media that will do the same.

If you use an iPhone, beware of crashsafari.com. The website will reportedly will crash your browser or even the device itself, forcing a reboot of your mobile device, according to Global News.

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According to the Huffington Post, the website will crash an iPhone 6S and an iPhone 5S running iOS version 9.2.1 and a iPhone 6 running iOS 9.2. The website will also reportedly crash Safari when accessed through a desktop computer and slow down some android devices when accessed through Google's Chrome.

While the website doesn't appear to be dangerous and won't do any permanent damage to your phone, people are sending the website around via social media using a link shortener in order to trick users into visiting the website.

The prank isn't harmful, but it is annoying to have to restart your phone. So beware of any strange or enticing links, they may crash your phone.

Here's the iPhone crash scandal that went viral last year:

iPhones Crashing
iPhones Crashing

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