Screw your 2016 resolution: Kit Kat has a new gourmet chocolate bar

10 Things You Never Knew About Kit Kat
10 Things You Never Knew About Kit Kat

You might want to put those 2016 resolutions on hold for a bit.

Just weeks after announcing a 24-karat gold Kit Kat, Nestle is bringing us another new concoction: the Kit Kat Chocolatory Moleson.

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The first of its kind gourmet chocolate bar, which will only be available at specialty boutiques Japan, is inspired by the classic European mendiant confection (a chocolate disc with nuts and dried fruits). It comes generously topped with crunchy almonds and dried cranberries; each piece is made by hand, according to the company, and will cost 500 yen ($4.20) apiece.

Kit Kat2
Kit Kat2

Photo: PR Times

The Kit Kat Chocolatory Moleson was created by celebrated Japanese pastry chef Yasumasa Takagi, who is responsible for most of Kit Kat Chocolatory's special series like the Kit Kat Special Cherry Blossom Green Tea and Special Butter Kit Kats.

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