Maks & Peta want Val to catch the bouquet at their wedding: 'Mom will be happy'

"DWTS" Pros Maks and Peta Flaunt Engagement
"DWTS" Pros Maks and Peta Flaunt Engagement


Hot "Dancing with the Stars" couple Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Peta Murgatroyd are on their way to wedded bliss after getting engaged in December, but not all pros have been so lucky to have found love on the show.

In fact, the pair revealed they'd love Maks' adorable brother, Val -- who recently expressed his desire to settle down -- to catch the bouquet at their upcoming nuptials.

"I just want my brother to catch it," Maks said between laughs, as Peta wholeheartedly agreed. "Be done with it! Mom will be happy, peace in the family."

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AOL caught up with the happy couple in NYC, where they were teaching hot, Latin moves while trying out JCPenney's new Xersion athletic wear and accessories line. It's a rare moment for the busy pair, who spend weeks apart at a time -- Peta has been traveling with the "DWTS" tour, and Maks has been pursuing various business ventures since leaving the hit reality show.

"I feel like we have stints of having a lot of time together. Three months of totally being around each other every day, and it's amazing, and then I'll go on tour, and he'll go to New York for two weeks. It's the way it is."

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"It's healthy, too," Maks added. "We never got to the point where we have too much of each other and want to spend time apart. I'm her fan, and I just for her to pursue her things and vice versa. And we look forward to projects like this to do things together."

It's no surprise that keeping "healthy" permeates all aspects of the dancers' lives. Their partnership with JCPenney, which encourages people to get moving in nontraditional ways, reflects their active, healthy outlook on life, which they, in part, owe to dance -- but also other forms of exercise and wellness.

"We just don't eat stuff we shouldn't eat. It's not to say we're on some strict crazy diet, we just don't eat crap. I think that combined with movement which in our case is dance, you will live a very healthy long life," Maks said.

The dancer also revealed his one guilty exercise pleasure: cycling.

"I never thought I'd be the one saying that sitting on a bike in a room full of people sweating listening to loud techno. It hurts a lot of things, but you go to a cycling shop, you buy yourself padded underwear. I have three. It's the best thing that ever happened, and it's a freaking game-changer," he said.

Peta opts for arm-toning exercises like boxing to supplement her dancing -- and revealed her key to when she was at her fittest: hot yoga.

"My arms never looked better than when I did boxing three times a week, so I do that. I love to do hot yoga to sweat. If I go to the gym in the mroning, combining hot yoga in the evening to get one more sweat session in is amazing. That's probably when I was at my peak."

Peta may be a total blonde bombshell -- and she's certainly portrayed that way on "Dancing with the Stars" -- but she revealed she's not as serious as she may seem on the reality show.

"You play a specific character and sometimes that's not you," she said. "I'm goofy and silly and funny all the time. Do you see that on 'Dancing with the Stars' all the time? No. You see like sexy blonde bombshell Peta. I like to be seen in different ways."

Maks agreed that not everything is as it seems.

"It's fun, very, very light entertainment reality TV ... We are all characters. I was the bad boy. Derek was the blonde, good guy. Peta's the sexy blonde bombshell, as she said. And that's the show," he said.

"It's hard. Really hard," Peta added. "Coming from a ballet background, I never had to deal with people viewing me in a certain way and having their opinion of me. When it's not always correct, it's really hard to deal with. At first, being on the show, with opinions being thrown around, was very difficult."

But there's no bad blood between the pros and the show that helped launch their careers.

"I think it's getting stronger than ever," Maks said. "If you look at it, 'American Idol' is in its last season, but 'Dancing with the Stars' is in season 22, and it's nowhere near its end. I think it has become a generational thing, and I think its going to continue being that way."

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