Lucky baby koala survives after escaping eagle's talons midair

Lucky Baby Koala Survives After Escaping Eagle's Talons Mid-Air
Lucky Baby Koala Survives After Escaping Eagle's Talons Mid-Air

Eagles can be callously indifferent to the human preference for cute marsupials.

Back in November, a koala named 'Baby Bob' was just eight-months-old when a wedge-tailed eagle intended to make a meal out of him.

Successfully writhing out of the predator's talons, Bob fell to the ground.

Luckily, two pedestrians on a morning walk saw the furry creature that fell from the sky and rushed him to The University of Queensland Small Animal Hospital at the School of Veterinary Science.

In a recent news release, Dr. Bob Doneley made note of baby Bob's progress, saying, "The koala came to us very depressed and lethargic. He wasn't eating and had several bleeding puncture wounds in his armpit, with a lot of bruising and swelling around them...We're told he's doing very well now and eating by himself. He was very lucky he didn't become the eagle's breakfast."

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