Confessions from babysitters will either make you laugh or cringe

Babysitting is a great way to make money, spend time with kids, and get some work experience under your belt. It's also a perfect way to get some quality time in with children, and then getting to go home aftewards -- no long-term responsibility. And while this sounds easy, breezy, beautiful, babysitters run into more trouble than you'd think.

Several babysitters took to Whisper, the popular app that provides an anonymous platform for people to share their most honest thoughts, to open up about what really goes on when parents go away.

A babysitting job can teach you more about yourself than you'd think:

No. More. Furbies.
Being a babysitter makes me want to destroy all children

Being around good kids might make you want some of your own:
They say babysitting is a good form of birth control, but it just makes me have baby fever.

You know what they say -- what doesn't kill you makes you stronger:
Babysitting is the kind of thing that kills you but makes you feel alive at the same time

Free food? Yes please:
When I babysit I can

Paranoia in someone else's house can prevent some serious invasiveness:
When I babysit the only thing preventing me from snooping around the house is my fear that there

Ignorance is bliss:
Whenever I babysit kids who can

A little depreciation never heart anyone:

Certain thoughts are best left inside your head, and not acted upon:
Sometimes when I

Sometimes, babysitting is like getting paid to experience joy:
Babysitting is the most fun I

Want more confessions from babysitters? Check out Whisper!

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