App claims to decipher your baby's cries

Finally a Way to Decipher Your Baby's Cries

Ever wonder what's going through their heads when babies start crying? A new app will tell you whether it's because they're hungry, sleepy, in pain or have a wet diaper.

So the next time your baby starts crying, just press a button! The Infant Cries Translator app claims to analyze your babies' cries and compares them to a database of nearly 200,000 crying sounds.

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The app was developed at the National Taiwan University Hospital. How'd they compile the 200,000 crying sounds, you ask? They monitored and recorded approximately 100 newborn babies over a two-year period.

If your ears are ringing at the thought of listening to all that crying, just know that for the app to work, your little one has to cry for a good ten to fifteen seconds.

The developers say it's the first app that can learn the newborn cries. If the crying result is incorrect, and they aren't crying about a wet diaper, for example, parents can describe the reason for the crying, and the database will re-train the crying model.

The results are promising. Tests have shown the recognition accuracy is at times up to 92%. It's available in multiple app stores for $2.99.

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App claims to decipher your baby's cries

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