This top-rated shower speaker is on sale for just $10

SoundBot HD Water Resistant Bluetooth Shower Speaker, $10.99, available at Amazon.

Your karaoke sessions mid-shower are nothing to be ashamed of -- even crooner Sam Smith does it on the daily.

So instead of watering down your back up vocals (see what we did there?) with a low-quality speaker, embrace your favorite songs by investing in a top-rated shower speaker. Soundbot's high definition device is one of our ultimate picks, complete with a water-resistant loud speaker and built-in mic to blare your songs for up to 6 hours on end. Its Bluetooth capability can connect to practically every device -- Androids, iPhones, tablets, iPods, and MP3 player included. Just scroll through your curated playlists with an easy-to-use control system to listen to music or even take phone calls with the attached speakerphone setting. An added suction cup helps secure everything in place.

But the 3.0 Shower Speaker's functionality makes it transcend the boundaries of your bathroom. It can easily be taken to the beach, attached near pools, or packed alongside your camping gear.

Normally the device is priced at $39, but a recent markdown is pricing the Bluetooth speaker at a very wallet-friendly $10.99.

It's definitely the easiest -- not to mention, cheapest -- way to make sure your shower sing-a-longs always sound top notch.

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