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There's certainly a reason the Ren Flash Rinse 1 Minute Facial was named Elle UK's 2014 Best Skincare Innovation, but this isn't just the fastest facial ever, it's also one of the most effective. Super-anti-oxidant vitamin C is universally recognized as one of the most potent anti-aging ingredients on the market, and with a stabilized water-activated formula and 10% vitamin C, this facial is one of the best ways to get it. Plus, all you have to do to get the benefits is use it for one minute at a time, three days a week. If you could get better skin in just one minute, why wouldn't you?

This 60 second facial is an obvious skincare must for low maintenance ladies, but we think it deserves a place in the beauty bag of anyone who wants to look younger and more radiant (so, everyone). Super-potent anti-oxidant vitamin C is the all-star anti-aging ingredient here: it improves skin's elasticity, stimulates collagen, prevents sun damage, and evens out skin tone. But with boswellic acid to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, plus magnesium to reenergize skin, the supporting cast of ingredients is impressive in its own right. Grab yours at Joyus with the code AOLJOY for 10% off, plus free shipping on orders $50 and over.

EXPERT TIPS: "Not only does this product go to work in 60 seconds, but you only have to use it three times each week to see instantaneous benefits and long term results. It's the perfect skincare solution for lazy days and low maintenance girls."
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